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  Taiwan Automotive Insider a leading media of print and online infor-mation promoting Taiwan-based auto-parts suppliers, consists of resourceful professionals whose goal is to effectively run a busi-ness hub for global buyers. Offering various formats, Taiwan Auto-motive Insider’s mission is to help buyers worldwide easily find products and suppliers in Taiwan.

  The Advocay of Chinoy TV is more than promoting the Chinese-Filipino culture in the Philippines, CHiNOY TV believes in making a worthwhile change. Through its advocacies, CHINOY TV want to em-power Chinese-Filipinos everywhere to embrace their unique identities and use them to touch the lives of those in, as well as outside, the Chi-nese-Filipino community.

  Machinery Planet is a leading digital marketplace for selling, buying heavy equipment online. It stands as a hyphen between the buyers and sellers of heavy equipment, allowing them to interact, discuss, negotiate and close transactions in a timely, professional, transpar-ent and cost-effective manner. At Machinery Planet, our mission is to empower our customers with technology, allowing them to leverage a creative, safe, and cost-effective platform to list their equipment.

  Power Wheels magazine is a new bi-monthly car magazine dedicated to Filipino car enthusiasts. This glossy and perfect-bind magazine features new car models available in the Philippinemarket as well as customized and tuner cars, concept models, and collectible vintage cars including muscle cars and “old school” Japanese cars among others.

Power Wheels magazine is published by Two Wheel Enthusiasts Net-work (TEN), Inc.

  Vehicle Electronics is a free monthly magazine for hardware and software electronics engineers working in the automotive industry.

It started with a pilot issue just before Christmas 2013 and in Janu-ary 2014 the first issue was published. The magazine is now being published monthly, with each issue coming out early in the month.
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